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23 Psychiatry. {branding}

 client  23 Psychiatry

 solutions   Website, Branding, Brand Guidelines

 overview  Hans and Melissa came to The W with a dream of building a business together. They both believe in fully integrated care and that the mind and body are clearly interconnected. Hans' background as a board certified psychiatrist and Melissa's in behavioral health as a PA and doctoral candidate made them uniquely qualified to serve.

They had a specific interest in working with high-level athletes and those vying for excellence in their fields such as CEOs. When considering a name and branding, it was important to consider their goal of delivering the most innovative techniques for both physical and mental health. Ultimately, their goal was to deliver sustainable improvement on the genetic and cellular level. They believe the gold standard of approaches match each persons individual fingerprints (and genome).

Interestingly enough, 23 is not only the number of chromosomal pairs, it also happens to be the jersey number of one of the best athletes of our time. A true measure of excellence.

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