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 overview  The National Women’s Hockey League was in its second year of existence. Key metrics were positive but inconsistent and the results were not driving significant enough revenue at the league and team level to support expansion and growth plans.

Commissioner Dani Rylan believed “girls should be able to dream as big as their brothers “ and that vision and purpose was to become the core of the league's messaging and promotions. "See it, Dream it, Be it!" became our rallying cry.

Sponsors and Fans overwhelmingly accepted the message and increased their engagement, involvement and partnership to help grow the league and impact literally thousands of young women athletes. Storytelling revolved around the founding of the league, the player's stories and the inspirational followings(s) of the fans!

Value and purpose driven marketing can drive results and did! The league is now in its 8th year, has expanded into Canada, has signed broadcast agreements and all the while increased player salaries and compensation.

This all has resulted in satisfied fans, players, owners and investors of women’s professional hockey.

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