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Pivot Topicals. {rebrand}

 client  Pivot Topicals

 solutions   Logo/Branding, Website, Social, Strategy, Video

 overview  Pivot Topicals (originally One Drop Advantage) is an anti-inflammatory topical rooted in some really unique science. The brand needed a refresh to better tell their story and highlight their USP's. Pivot combines advanced formulation chemistry with the natural pain relief of cannabinoids. This one-of-a-kind topical solution provides hyper-targeted relief in seconds. More importantly, Pivot gets people back to doing the things they love.

Our connection points include social media where our outreach has found us in conversations with users from an 80-year-old Spartan racer to high-level weight lifters. We loved hearing stories from people previously sidelined now getting back on the court, street, path, wherever they're happiest.

The branding and visuals highlight the symbiotic relationship Pivot has with the body. Pivot's proprietary patent pending formula engages “gate keeper” mechanisms in the skin to rapidly cross this normally highly resistant barrier, solving a medicinal challenge that has existed for over 3,000 years. In contrast, the traditional method used by other topicals is to cross the skin by overwhelming it with highly concentrated drug in a strong smelling greasy paste or oily cream. Pivot takes a more elegant approach using a molecular key to unlock the skin in a clean odor-free gel.

If the above science starts to sound confusing, we agree! Which is why we had Dr. Michael Oda do a video series where he explains the science himself. Potential users shouldn't have to be doctors to understand how their lives could benefit from Pivot!

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