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Tenjaku USA. {usa marketing strategy}

 client  Tenjaku USA

 solutions   Website, Social, Strategy, Video, Influencer, Paid Media, Publications, Google

 overview  The Tenjaku family of products includes two Japanese whiskies (Blended and Pure Malt) as well as a Gin. We had the pleasure of introducing Tenjaku Japanese Whiskies to the US in 2020. While on-premise purchasing options slowed down during the pandemic, online purchasing was as steady as ever, providing a unique launch opportunity.

We began by identifying what makes this brand so special. Because the Japanese Whisky category is beloved, it has caused many brands to become scarce and prices to soar. Tenjaku, on the other hand, quickly grew to have nationwide availability (both through liquor stores and online) with an affordable-luxury price point appealing to those looking to try something new. What's more is, Tenjaku Whisky stands toe-to-toe with its peers. With gold medal rankings and authentic Japanese mountain-range spring water at the heart of the distillation process, trying a bottle under $50 becomes a no-brainer.

To connect with the US market, we developed a new website, social channels and touch points all catered to the States. We have seen success in a number of tactics and as a result, our marketing spend has quadrupled since launch. One of our favorite things to see is how people use our product to sip, mix, and even cook with! Our hyper-local approach has allowed us to connect with people all over the country from pro bartenders to the newbie home mixologist.

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